Boredom has stuck me

Boredom has stuck me
I wish for entertainment;
I write in haiku.

Lonely cry for Love;
Nobody hears my cry
But that ugly toad.

My dull life, Mother
She takes her time making lunch
Then discards with trash.

Peer through my window,
The Sun, red in dawns coloring;
I go back to sleep.

Hear things from people
About the beauty of Spring,
I don’t leave my room.

Oh beautiful Sun,
You and your warm rays of light
I fear for cancer.

A day at the park;
Girls are playing their games here.
Don’t hit me with sand!

I have many advisers,
Say many things, but tell nothing.
Why are they stupid.

Spring sakura trees;
I wish I could take my time,
Sit with some sake.


~ by lunaticexperimentalist on June 22, 2005.

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