Sometimes the world does stop for you.

Recently, I haven’t been feeling good. I must have gotten sick on Tuesday, because when I woke up on Wednesday I was suffering the symptoms of a cold virus. Normally not a problem, except I haven’t been eating right so I also had a headache that made me want to use distractive measures (e.g. bash my hand with a hammer to take my attention off of my head).

Coincidentally, there was rain here on Tuesday night, which turned into snow, which turned into a great deal of snow Wednesday morning. So due to bad weather the college campus here was closed for 2 days. It was nice; I slept an extra 7 hours each day. The bad part about it is that the roads were blocked, and I had nothing good to eat, a man can not live off of pizza alone. For those 2 days I had to sustain myself with vitamin C tabs and pain relievers. I beat the cold with the C, but pain relievers are not a cure for a headache. The pain is only now going down now that the roads are clear and I can get some real food.

Even through the suffering, I did enjoy the extra sleep, and I didn’t have to miss a class.


~ by lunaticexperimentalist on October 7, 2005.

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