That’s the first time I have ever been accused of being prejudice.

So far my job as a checker at a grocery store has gone rather smooth. I haven’t had any really bad customers come through my line until today. Today one lady had accused me of making a negative judgment based on the color of her skin. Truly, the only thing I noticed about her at first was that she was a woman. I rung up all her items, had her pay for the items she bought, and bagged the items.

There were 3 bags filled with very light items, and as I noticed that she was approximately middle aged I assumed she could have carried the bags out herself. As I finished the last bag and placed it in front of her, I said “There you are.” Had I not been interrupted at that point I would have said “Thank you for coming,” and possibly even “Would you like a carryout?” but no, she immediately assumed I wanted her to leave now, without a carryout, and assumed it had to do with the color of her skin, which I had only noticed to be vaguely tan after she mentioned it.

Of course I’m not much of a social genius so the situation was out of my hands at that point. A couple of the other associates had to help her out. I had little clue how to handle the situation, since she probably would not have listened to me at the point, so I just backed off and helped the next customer, all while she continued to accuse me.

The ironic part is that however insulted she felt, that was the first time anyone accused me of being prejudice. That’s just one more reason for me to not interact with humans. If I was any more autistic than I am, I’d probably be bashing my head into a wall. I wish she would have at least let me say “Thank you for coming.”


~ by lunaticexperimentalist on April 13, 2006.

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