PSGhost: A Background Powershell

With my experience of controling runspace objects it didn’t take much to create a Powershell host that could run as a background process. Since running shell scripts in background is not an unheard of thing I decided to create a project to do just that. PSGhost is a Powershell host that can run scripts in background or scripts that define their own GUI.
It’s a really simple application. The binary is only 16KB. It should be easy enough to use if you know how to us Powershell.
I must make a security advisory about PSGhost. Since it runs completely silently in the background, shell scripts can be run with out the user even noticing. Be sure to store the PSGhost binary and all your shell scripts in a location that is writeable only by you or your system administrator.

~ by lunaticexperimentalist on February 17, 2007.

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