Spirit From Above: The City

The following is a work of fiction. It does not describe actual event occurring in a distant part of the galaxy. Anyone who states otherwise is a crazy conspiracy theorist and should be ignored.

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This is an ongoing story. I am writing this in my spare time. To see more sooner make a donation.

Copyright 2011 Steven Hystad

In a star system in a distance part of the Milky Way Galaxy there exists a nation of people who know no limits. The people of this nation have access the the most advanced technology in the galaxy. Physical enhancements give them great strength and endurance. Mental enhancements give them clarity of thought and telepathic ability. The second planet in this system is covered by one great city known as Adamant City. The buildings are tall, and food is automatically produced in mass, allowing for a population of greater than one trillion. There is no government to produce laws. There is no one to enforce laws. The only prevalent force is the desire to be entertained.

In the pursuit of entertainment the people of Adamant City have many tools. From videos and video games, to the most artistic form of food preparation, to the very fabric of pavement made to react to the desires of the people present, everything is made to entertain. However, the pursuit of entertainment is as endless as The City itself. There exists a class of people known as “channel operators” in Adamant City who have taken up the task of expanding the vast media library of The City. There also exists a class of people known as “protagonists” who play the role of the star in the media produced by the operators.

I am one such channel operator. My name is Voice Of Illumination. I will bring you the story of one man who has agreed to be my protagonist. His name is Spirit. Spirit and his team recently won the Galactic Tactical Competition, a tournament of the best of the best gamers in the system and features many excellent gamers from around the galaxy.

I personally spoke to Spirit telepathically after his victory, “Forgive me for interrupting your moment of glory, but I have a new challenge for you if you’ll accept. I am the channel operator Voice of Illumination. I am in need of a protagonist for a new series to be shown on my channel. I should like that to be you. Clear any obligations you may have and head to Space Port Lambda.”

Spirit and his team stood amid the closing ceremony, on a stage, to be seen by the other competitors and many observers that came to see the tournament in person. An interviewer was speaking with Spirit’s teammates. Spirit’s response to me was, “I think I already know what you’re planning. This isn’t the first time a channel operator has asked a gamer to become a protagonist and head to a space port. But I will not tolerate any boredom. If I go I’ll be playing by my own rules.”

“That’s fine. I just want to send you to places across the galaxy where there is great turmoil, follow you with a sentinel camera, and watch how you resolve the situation.”

“Are you sure? Sounds boring to watch to me. It’s always more exciting to be on the field than to watch, but if you think you have something for me to do that may be worth watching then I’m in.”

The interviewer turned to Spirit and spoke to be heard by the audience, “That was quite a decisive victory, can you tell us what the key to this victory was?”

Spirit faced the audience. “Know your enemy. When working as a team, know your team members, and apply their talents in the best way possible. Ultimately the key to victory is desire. Even when you can ask someone for help, you need to be willing to put forth some effort towards your goal. If the only effort you put forth is to force someone else to give you what you want, then you will only annoy them and either get nothing from them or get something you didn’t want. Also, remember that building a team means building team members. When someone makes a mistake, don’t scold or taunt them, just recommend a better course of action for them to take in the future.”

The interviewer again spoke to Spirit, “Can we expect to see you at the next tournament?”

“It seems I will be leaving The City indefinitely. So I wont be making any reservations for the next tournament.”

Upon hearing this, the crowd roared. After the crowd calmed the interviewer turned to Spirit with an expression of astonishment. “Can you offer any explanation for that?”

“I’ll be working with Voice Of Illumination for a while. If you want to see more of my great victories then subscribe to his channel.”

As the closing ceremony ends, both participants and observers make their way out of the stadium and onto the platform of the bus way outside. Numerous mass transit vehicles suspended from overhead monorails approach the platform, pickup waiting passengers, and disappear into the distance to deliver each passenger to their destinations. Above can be seen another platform where people may gather to perform recreational activities much more casually than what was previously seen in the stadium.

Spirit walks toward the edge of the platform, and a car arrives. This car has ten seats but twenty people follow Spirit on. Each passenger has their own questions for Spirit, and he does his best to answer them all. The car makes three stops and at each stop a group of passengers disembarks, making a more peaceful environment each time.

After the third stop, Spirit is left alone for the long travel to Space Port Lambda. Spirit takes a seat and looks out the windows to admire The City that he will be leaving behind. To the left and right are the great monolithic walls of the buildings in The City. All are constructed of synthetic black diamond, and many are polished to produce a dark mirrored finish. Above and below, innumerable platforms extend from the buildings.

The car now moves to an express lane and increases speed. To the left and right are several other high speed monorails. Cars are seen going back and forth, but resemble more a blur of light than a car. Below is seen a vast greenhouse containing thermo-synthetic plants. The plants are producing fruit from the great amount of heat generated in The City.

The monorail rises above the buildings. The sun lit sky shone brightly, illuminating the tops of the buildings. Everywhere that can be seen is a view of a greenhouse. Producing food and oxygen for more than one trillion people is an immense task, and one that is taken seriously.

Ahead, rising over the horizon is Space Port Lambda, a massive structure towering over the other buildings. The base of this structure is wide, and, above, are seven pilers in hexagonal formation rising up into the distant sky with crossbars interconnecting them. The car slows as it approaches the base of the space port. Once inside the space port, thousands of docked spacecraft can be seen above.

The car takes a branch rail and approaches a platform. The car stops, and Spirit walks out.


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